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CITY SPACE BAR | Swissôtel

Kosmodamianskaya emb.,
52, bld.6

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from 07:00 to 22:00


"Acapella" - a new unique project in a variety of restaurant life in Moscow. Here we no longer bothered discerning guest excessive pomp and glitz, the restaurant's menu you will not find as many dishes already bored. By launching this project, we did not seek to imitate anybody.

   «One of the most exciting elements in my work is the search for the new products and ideas. At the same time is not enough to just find a new interesting ingredient, it is essential to figure how to combine it with the other and how to cook. Although our dishes are quite simple, we are proud that we use rare products that are not so easy to find.

   We have worked really hard to find reliable suppliers who really care about their products. Amur river red salmon, Baikal omul, venison from Yakutia, flounder from Murmansk – these are only a few of the products that we use. And they are much more unexpected and rarely used nowadays than the familiar shrimp, salmon and steaks. Overall, about 70 percent of the products in our restaurant are locally produced.

   We also pay great attention to the preservation of the beneficial nutrients. For example, some of our dishes are prepared at low temperatures in vacuum. This technique helps to preserve the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.»