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CITY SPACE BAR | Swissôtel

набережная, 52, стр. 6

+7 495 221 53 58


с 07:00 до 12:00


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We tried set from chief- it was amazing! There are many fancy restaurants in Moscow and Acapella is one of the best!
Contemporary but not cutting edge in style, this restaurant on the second floor of the Swissotel is spacious and relaxed with comfortable seating and semi-private tables on the perimeter. Because Acapella is used as the main hotel restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it lacks a cozy, fine-dining feel. Service was pleasant but spotty. During my meal, five wait staff appeared at one time or another but seemed to disappear in between courses. The food was hit and miss at my table. Among the best selections were the house borscht and the tuna/salmon tartare appetizers, the octopus with mashed potato main and the honey cake for dessert.
Очень маленькие порции бизнес-ланча. Стоит прилично, а порции крохотные. Несмотря на то, что обед состоит из нескольких блюд, наесться не получилось.
Мария Т
I just returned from a 4-day business visit to Moscow. It was my first time in that city, and while I typically avoid hotel restaurants, it was late/dark/cold outside, so I thought I would give the restaurant a try. I was pleasantly surprised by not only the selection, but also the quality. The cheesecake with raspberry sauce is amazing!. It was so go, I ended up eating there several times. Breakfast is also quite good, but unlike the dinner, I thought the breakfast was overpriced for what you got. Bottom line - if you are staying at the hotel, the restaurant is something to look forward to, not something to be avoided.
Alan S
Несмотря на определенный контингент (в основном, иностранцы и приезжие) ресторан очень понравился. Ниши со столиками у окна очень уютные. Персонал приветливый, но без навязчивости. Официант услужливый. Еда на 5. Есть небольшие минусы - вид из окна никакой и отсутствие гардеробщика. Но лично мне эти минусы не мешали. Рекомендую к посещению!
Adel I
Great staff, very pleasant and helpful. Real professionals in meals and service both. Very tasty, clean, fancy place. With great view. Will be happy to come back.

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